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Seeking a shaman/healer who actually knows what he /she is doing

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    I am in need of help.
    Sadly today it is extremely difficult to find help in the healer and shaman world, which is flooded with new age non sense (all you need is a bit of light and love or heal your childhood trauma and then everything will be alright and yea your entities / spiritual parasites also just need some love and healing and guidance to the light and then they will stop eating you alive… Yeaaaa right… Said the modern pseudo shaman who then ended up badly infested by the client’s entities because they had no clue what they are talking about or working with)

    Also people who have taken a weekend course and practice a bit as a hobby in the spare time open up shop and call them selves shamans, it’s grotesque.

    It’s either that or a heavily psychological alteration of an ancient tradition and art that is then suddenly all lost in psychological and pseudo spiritual philosophy and there is a huge lack of true practical skills at least here in the west, where these pseudoshamans haven’t trained the foundational skills properly of going in the deep vision /trance and hone their psychic senses so they can really discern, sense and see what they are dealing with in the spirit world. Many modern shamans have also forgotten about the need of the training of the mind, to not have clutter, and stuff that confuses the vision, interferes and even makes true vision impossible, because a totally focused mind is needed otherwise they play around in their own little fantasies, while fooling them
    selves into believing they actually healed someone, while the client gets some feelgood energy and the spiritual entities make illusions to make everyone believe that real spiritual work was done.

    Also commercialism has ruined the real traditions big time. When intention suddenly shifts to paying bills and earning money, healers take on way too many clients per day or week, and don’t even know they are getting severely drained of vital force, and end up not really being able to help anyone, but that does not stop them from taking the client’s money.
    And no some serious issues can’t just be fixed within standardised commercial protocols of one hour sessions, but require another kind of long slow dedication to someone that most commercial contexts don’t allow for because it is not economically viable either for the client or the healer… So money context makes it so that most healers are not willing to or able to do what is actually needed to help the person. But most modern ‘shamans’ can’t even help even if they wanted to because they don’t have the proper training.

    Again commercial frameworks makes it so that the courses them selves inevitably suffer. You gotta have customers and people won’t pay for training that is extremely tough, hard and troublesome to drag your self through (which true training in the arts if you want the skills to actually be helpful is). People want easy, light, joyful etc and not only that, they want result and guarantees, because they paid money after all, so they get a silly certificate and paper in the end saying they are licensed or ready to heal or whatever nonsense… Should be criminal actually, since a lot of harm is being done to people who really need help. But real spiritual work and healing doesn’t work like that, sometimes it can take decades of blood sweat and tears and lots of sacrifice to really learn the skills needed to help anyone or anything spiritually.
    So sadly almost none today can really do much other than send a bit of feelgood energy and yes a lot of the time that is all the clients need, their issues are not even always that serious and most of the people claiming being possessed by a powerful demon are actually just psychotic or otherwise emotionally and mentally disturbed.
    Now the most sad part is that the modern shaman hasn’t learned the skills to go in and really assess, scan and see what is what. Is there really a being, which is not just the client’s imagination or not, so most of the healers just accept the client, to get paid a little money, do a routine, which didn’t help anyone, but everyone are being fooled.

    But something even sadder is that sometimes there are people with very serious spiritual issues that can only be solved with true shamanic /spiritual skills and they contact these people and their online shamanic shops, lose a lot of money and get no real help whatsoever.
    And the shaman may end up with a real nasty real spiritual entity inside of them self after taking on one of the rare clients with really serious issues, that are not just psychological.

    It’s a true mess, a market of degeneration and incompetence.
    Even so called many a modern guru and ‘masters’ are full of cra* and don’t know what they are talking about.
    The blind leading the blind.

    I don’t expect much obviously, but it is worth a try.
    So I write here to see if I can find a ‘real’ shaman with real proper training and skills.

    And I am not going to tell you about the specific issue beforehand, because the only way for me to know that the shaman has any skill and competence to be of help is to test them and see if they can discover and see clearly the problem them selves without me telling them.
    And yes it is based on personal experience, lesson learned that 100 pseudo healers and shamans will happily play along and say they could sense and see the precise problem you describe to them, take your money and try to convince you that they fixed it.
    But you can’t fool someone who has a bit of real training and who is also a natural psychic. But that does not make me a master shaman at all, which is a lesson a lot of other wannabe healers out there who sometimes also yes have a bit of talent psychic faculties awake, should learn and close down their shop and just play around with it as a hobby, if they don’t want to take their training seriously. Being a psychic does not necessarily make you useful, more likely a mess, with serious training (not weekend courses and philosophy classes) then it MAY make you useful down the road after many years of persistence.
    2 people in the world out of at least 100 hilarious pseudo healers discovered the true issue down to nitty gritty detail, where the chance of it being pure coincidence is simply mathematically impossible. So it proves 1) I am not wrong /crazy and 2) they were not completely incompetent and had some real skills.

    If my tone offends you or if your pride would get to hurt by being tested by an ‘inferior client’ because you are the only true ‘grandmaster’ then just get fck away and go work on your stupid ego problems.
    Someone who really walks the mysteries with entegrity and skill wouldn’t run away from real work that really needs doing just because of a small test.

    I just spoke some truth here, like it or not. Contact me if you know about some one or if you want to help.
    I don’t care if you work for money, I just need to test that you CAN help at all, and if you can, then get all my money for all I care, because it is a serious issue, pretty much close to a life or death matter.

    So I don’t have time or patience for bulls***, or lectures about how I should bow down and show more respect to a sea of con artists, retards, incompetent, and lazy arm chair pseudo shamans and new age lunatics. If I ever meet a real master I will show plenty of respect.

    And kind regards and good day to you out there reading 🙂

    time and open up shop and call them selves a shaman. Or else they have natural talent

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