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After following the family ruled (his father was technical director in space research), he realized after a few months working as an engineer in aeronautics, he would not find these features in the answers he was looking for.

He enrolled concurrently at the Faculty of Medicine, specializing in toxicology and followed studies in psychotherapy. He then studied Ericksonian hypnosis, sophrology, naturopathy, and FasterEFT.

After being director of research in a specialized center, he became director of education and vocational training of an Institute of Humanities. He is a graduate of ethnology (University of Strasbourg).

In the field of spirituality, he is co-author of Sexualité & Alcoolisme (Paris, CERP Editions) and Plumes de Chamans (Paris, Editions Guy Trédaniel).

He is Core Member of the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions and sits on the Boar

Mail: herveestival@gmail.com

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d of Directors of the Ancestral Shamanism Council.


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