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Patrick Dacquay

His initiatory name is Deo Celtic SOOF-TA, which means « the man who knows and eats the earth. » He practiced Celtic Shamanism in its archaic nature, this of the three shields: Strength, Love, Awareness and of the three circles: visible, invisible and white worlds. Without any allegiance to spiritual structures, he reflects the archaic Celtic practices. By tapping into his Breton roots and taking as support the Ancestral Wisdom retained by the first peoples, he participated in the reconnection to Mother Earth and Father Sky that the ancients knew how to honor.










Patrick Dacquay at the Festival.







Initiated in Celtism in the lineage of Soof-Ta, he went to a spiritual world tour:
In South America, where he meets the Shuar people, the Quechua and Los Colorados people.
In Central America and North America, the meeting with Paul Goodberg, Californian Shaman, is decisive.
In Canada, Grandfather William, Spiritual Leader, blow him the project of the Festival of Shamanism in France. The message of peace and love he carries, still feeds him.
Meetings with traditional Native Chiefs have strengthened his desire to unite the different traditions in a same circle.
On the occasion of December 21, 2012, he met in Mexico the members of the International Council of Wisdom of Mexico who granted him a place in the group, as a representative of Celtism (this Council brings together the various traditions of North America and Central America).
In Africa, he receives his first initiation when he was 19, on the island of Nosy-Be.
In Casamance in Senegal, he is received by the Animistic Council of Elders of Ziguinchor.
In Kenya, he is initiated into the Masai ritual.
In Gabon, in the equatorial forest, he is expected and received by the people of the Pygmies. He is introduced to plants medicines and receives his clan name. He is considered as one of them.
In Morocco, he is in contact with the Moulet Aldouns of the Atlas.
In Asia, India, the meeting with Balayogi is predominant. He considers him as his spiritual father. Balayogi has been for 40 years meditating without food and drink. Celtic and Indian energies are sisters energies, they are like two legs that support him.
In Australia he receives an Australian Marian initiation.
For nearly 20 years, he toured Europe West, East, North and South and receives many teachings and initiations of any kind.


line sturny et patrick dacquay    With Line Sturny

Speaker and author :

« Renaissance du Chamanisme occidental » (Renaissance of the Western Shamanism) – Editions Amber (2001)
« Le Chaman blanc » (The White Shaman) – Editions Alpheus JP Bertrand (reprint 2010)
« Renaissance du Chamanisme occidental » (Renaissance of the Western Shamanism) – Editions Fernand LANORE (3rd edition 2012)
« Paroles d’un Grand-Père Chaman aux Enfants et Petits-Enfants de la Terre » (Words of a Grandfather Shaman to the Children and Grandchildren of the Earth) – Editions Guy Trédaniel-Vega.


 renaissance du chamanisme occidental

Celtic Deo, carryer of the lineage of Soof-Ta.
Traditional leader of the Circle of Wisdom of the Union of Ancestral Traditions.
Member of the International Council of Wisdom Mexico.

Deo Soof-Ta sceau